Thursday, October 14, 2004

Life is so interesting

It is raining tonight and am just home from meeting with an incredible group of women who are seekers for the truth and kingdom life. My mom was there tonight-she has end stage lung cancer with metastasis to her brain. I realized that sometime in the near future she will not be with us. Tonight many of the women talked about her peace she carries with her. I was so proud of her as she shared her faith with them. The others just said she radiates joy. She smiled. I just was glad to have her as my mom. I am proud of her. Took her home and helped her walk up in and up the stairs to her room. Helped her change and get ready for bed. She is becoming frail, but her spirit is so strong. I again was grateful for the opportunity to be beside her and help her. We prayed before I left to head home and she just soaked up the words of my simple prayer over her. I prayed that God would touch and heal her and fill her with all she needs to live each day along with filling her with joy and confidence. As I drove home, I was aware that someday in the near future, I will not drive home from her house. I was again grateful for this season---and grateful to have the gift of this time with her. It is something to walk alongside someone dying. It makes you look at how you are living and what is of value in your life. I am again grateful.

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