Sunday, July 31, 2005

The last day of July

It is hard to see summer flying by. I say every year that I want to enjoy and savor it---and as the years fly by, I know it is harder and harder to slow it down to do so. I know right now I am about 1/2 way through this summer and I have loved it so far. I am enjoying the top down on my convertible and savoring the wind and the warmth of the sun. I am savoring the time with family and friends-the richness of both--to not miss the moments of time with them.
It is hard to think that one year ago right now, my mom was still here and we didn't know she had cancer-that life was as normal as could be. I want to live well, and laugh and drink it all in these days. I hope I live better from the experience of watching her slowly slip away to heaven.
Just had a wonderful time away at Put in Bay with my daughter-we had 3 days to connect and enjoy each other. What a gift. Time. What a gift.

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