Thursday, August 04, 2005

Gifted with treasured friends for a lifetime.

I'm a blessed woman-I have been in a group of women that love Jesus for the last 17 years. We are gathering together tomorrow for the weekend-from all different places to laugh, cry, pray, eat, drink, encourage one another-play on the beach--just savor the few hours that God has allowed us again to have together.
I can't wait to hear each of their voices and see their smiles and gather their hugs. It has been too long for me since I was with all of them. I moved 3 years ago and miss the weekly meetings we have. No one has ever been in my life and helped me to dig more into God and become all I can be and am also created by God to be. For these women I am eternally grateful. I am thankful that even though we don't get the time so much here--we will spend eternity together. It doesn't get any better than that!

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marsha said...

A true treasure for sure, that God has given us. He has allowed each of us to come away refreshed in His Glory. One of the Sister's. Marsha