Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Memories to carry you

After spending a wonderful time with my group of friends of 15 years, I find myself reflecting on the goodness of God. What I personally brought away from this weekend of renewing friendships will stay with me for a long time. We encouraged one another to press on-inspite of the hardness of life, inspite of the trials of the every day world.
I am renewed-and find that it is a necessity to keep going back to the well to get refreshed. These women are a gift to me from God-and I need their presence in my life. Most of the world doesn't want to need anyone or anything-we pride ourselves on our independence. I don't want to be that way anylonger. I am weak and needy-and leaning on my heavenly Father and the ones he has placed alongside me is good. I am thankful-grateful, and feel encouraged today to know them and to know God. I really don't know how people do it without the intimate relationships where you can be candid and transparent in life and the hard things we walk through.

I miss my mom too, I miss her friendship and her presence in my life. She was not always easy to be around, but there truly is no one like her. I look forward to heaven and seeing her again and getting a mom's hug---And hearing her laugh again. I look forward to my dad's hug and seeing my sister Nancy--wonder what we will look like in the spirit-probably glorious. Seeing an end to death and suffering and pain-wow, that will be wonderful! God, help me press on with the faith that demonstrates all that you say is TRUTH.

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