Sunday, August 14, 2005

Summer is coming up on the turn to fall

I can hear the insects that sing in fall outside all day long now. One of my friends visiting last weekend said that it is 90 days till the first snow from when the cicada starts its' song. From when I was small, I was always alittle melancholy when I would hear that song.
It has been a year now since mom was diagnosed and began her treatment and the last 5 months of her life. We are still trying to sell her condo-and will have to close it down soon. I know that will be difficult.
Life still rushes on though-never slowing for a kind moment of silence unless you just decide to take it purposefully.
What a time it is too. Still trying to find purpose in a ministry. Love to pray with all who ask, share the gospel freely and openly with all who seek-and minister to those in need. I think life pretty much is all about those things. Don't know why we try to make it more formal-human nature to try to have events people can come to and belong to. Please God, help all who are searching right now in my life, find you leading the way.
I really don't look forward to winter again so soon. I want to now begin to savor the fall and the changes that brings-warm sweaters, sweatshirts, socks and shoes, colorful leaves, smells of fires, cool mornings, frost, brisk walks outside, more of a view of the lake when the leaves fall, hot chocolate, chili, soups, warm pjs, it really has alot to enjoy!
I am most looking forward to a trip of adventure in 3 weeks with Shari to Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard again--and painting and eating and playing-we do it so well. We did ad some extra days this year to explore-it will be a good time!!
So, going to church now-enjoying the fellowship of my brothers and sisters-and worship. I sure love you God, you are so good.

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