Thursday, September 22, 2005

First day of fall

Hard to believe the time slipping by. We are in the thick of moving all the treasures out of our mom's house now--as it sold to a really nice woman named Nancy. She loves mom's house and that is a blessing. That is what we had prayed for. But now we need to look and touch each item and decide who will take and keep it and what we will give away. We have purposely avoided doing anything I think-just none of us looked forward to taking her home apart. It has been comforting to go back and visit at times and just remember the good times there. This will close this door forever. We no longer have a parent-but now are the oldest generation other than aunts and uncles. It is odd how fast life goes by. Sometimes I think I am being very depressive with my writing---but it is something I have really had to process in the last year. Ugh!!
Many things to think about these days---but there are also many good things. I am so thankful to have my family and to be home-what a true blessing to be in solid and close relationship with my family.
Have also dreamt about mom and dad and they were on a cruise with us. They were sitting on the bow of the ship looking forward and outward and having a wonderful time---holding hands, laughing and just having such a good time. The rest of us were back a ways and behind like the same things you find in the lines at Cedar Point---could not get near them or to them no matter how hard we all tried---so we finally just stood there and watched them have a great time---it was truly a blessing to my heart.

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