Sunday, November 13, 2005

Fall is moving into winter

Funny how fast the seasons go. The wind is blowing hard tonight-you can almost feel the waves hitting the house with force. My heart is melancholy tonight--blue like this print. My heart was stirred in a way 2 days ago which hasn't happened in a very long time and listening to Sleepless in Seattle hasn't helped it feel less blue.
I wonder about the heart-why it aches so when you feel certain ways. I wonder what makes it ache like it does when you miss someone or long for something you don't have. Seems like medically there really isn't a clear explanation to it---never learned anything about it in when it happens, you want to stop the ache of it---a longing that is deeper than words.
Winter is coming soon-the winds are bringing snow soon. I am glad for a season of quiet-hibernation, slowing down and hunkering in. I hope to read alot this winter, paint more, create more. I am listening to my inner heart-the stirrings and beatings deeply. Trying to live richly, slowly, savoring the minutes-extracting life from the busyness of the days going by.
The holidays are coming-first time for new traditions to help with the old gone now. I pray we embrace them well. May they be gentle and kind and loving. I am grateful for the years gone by.