Thursday, March 30, 2006

Creeping into April

It is 2 days before a new month. I am excited to see spring this year. I am always excited to see spring-the buds, the flowers, the leaves, the birds, the warmth that accompanies it all. One of these days, I won't be around for spring-at least here, so each time it comes around now-I appreciate it more.
Today at work, and again, I work at a hospice home care team---we had a remembrance service for our losses---personally and professionally. It was just so powerful. We did a weaving on 2 pieces of ribbon we individually picked out. We had a long piece and a shorter piece. We got to write whatever we wanted on both and then all 30 of us went up one at a time and first put down all the long pieces and then went back and did the shorter ones. Hope that makes sense. There were wonderful colors of ribbons--and all had sacred words written by each person. The one woman who is an art therapist will eventually frame this for our team. Then we went outside and did a balloon launch while words were read. I thought of my mom--and picked a beautiful blue balloon for her. As I let go--I watched the balloon dip and then soar. I watched it with tears streaming down my face till I could see it no more. It has been a year and 3 months since mom departed here. I missed her today as fiercely as I have in days past. But seeing that balloon spin off to a far place brought a sense of adventure---she is probably having a blast~and I will release her at a new level today. Thanks mom, for all you left with me---so many wonderful memories and all. I am grateful today.

It is truly spring---there are many kids heading to the beach tonight to have the first party of the year. The bonfires start tonight! Music, play, it all begins again. I will savor it again this year and be so grateful to have the new season.

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country-gospel-singer said...

My mother told me that when you loose your mother.. it feels like the one that was ALWAYS there for you is gone. I lost my mother Dec 27, but have been so busy with my step dad since a week after her death. He has a brain tumor. When laying in bed at night the memories of her come to me; but really too tired to dwell on things. My husband said that reality has not set in yet! LOL Wishing you many blessings; and thank you so much for reading my blog. Sister In Christ, Janie Marie