Thursday, March 02, 2006

March came in like a lion

Just am plain tired of the snow and cold. Really hasn't been a bad winter at all-just am ready to be outside more and enjoying the warm. Wonder if we will all move to a warmer place someday? Everyone is on a cruise in the caribbean right now but me and my one brother and his wife who are in Florida---what was I thinking--staying here...hummmm....will plan better in the future.
It is grey and cold, sleeting and snowing. I am on my way out again to art class--even with it being that way, it will be good to create. I think that with the winter so still here, art is a good way to be creating a different place to be for a few hours.
Nothing real serious on my mind---want to live this day well. Tired of snow. Need sun. ugh. Guess the space I am in is itching for a new season. Wonder if it reflects my inner heart? Change is on the horizon I feel. I wait on you Father for you author the seasons in life as well as my heart.


Judy Halone said...

...and we do go through seasons in life, don't we?

Very beautfiful blog, Christine. I'm glad I came across it. Your thoughts are plesant to read in the morning.

Take good care!

Judy Halone said...

What kind of art class are you taking? Watercolor?