Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter morning

Ahhh, it is the day of Resurrection. I am always amazed that it is a day of such hope to me. I am thankful to have this hope---hope to see Jesus and to know the final answer. Hope to see my family that has gone on before me in death. Hope to see the truth. Hope to see " no more pain, no more sorrow, no more tears." Hope to see things restored. I am glad to have this Hope. A hope that requires me to believe in what I cannot see.

This year, I have seen the trees getting ready to bud into leaves, and as I was telling my daughter yesterday, they all have a red glow to them. It seems they look like they are dripped in blood. A sign of the blood of Christ, shed for our sins-to cleanse us and make us Holy. I have more understanding of even if we do not speak his name, the stones-and for this matter-the trees will call out his name. Today, I see new life all around me in fresh eyes. I want to savor this spring. To smell it, to see it. To notice the things that will so quickly go by. The flowers that last such a short time. To watch the leaves come forth. The brighter color of green as they are new and fresh.

God, help us to notice this gift from you to us of spring. Help us to get what it means to us too. That we can be made new by knowing you. To have a hope that is bigger then what this world on its own offers. I celebrate the new life of your Son's resurrection today!!!! I am so grateful. Thank you for doing this for me-help me to live it so others can see and know this hope too.


country-gospel-singer said...

I have been so busy and did not have you on my favorites to check your blog. Have it on there now. Will do a reading tonight. Many blessings for you and yours, Janie Marie

country-gospel-singer said...

I just love the Red Bud and the deep plum trees. They are so beautiful. I wish they would bloom longer. Many blessings, Janie Marie

shari said...

true north
true friend
beauty seeker
heart to heart
beat to beat
sometimes near
but close when far
i see your search
beauty unadorned
Jesus beauty
seen felt and tasted
springtime blossoms
greening of life
true beauty seeker
full life for the living
press on.

country-gospel-singer said...

Wishing you a blessed Mother's Day this Sunday. Sister In Christ, Janie Marie