Friday, May 26, 2006


Memories of Joe.
It was 7 years ago that Joe died---he was my first husband and the father of my only daughter Sarah. Tomorrow morning, the family and friends will gather at Joe's grave to remember him, as a headstone is going to finally mark his resting place.
It has been an odd time of remembering my first love---life is so odd--we have no idea things will turn out the way they do when we are in the thick of life. I met Joe when we were just 16 and 17. He was the most handsome guy in the school--senior class president. He wore matching oxford shirts and socks---just so handsome. We dated for 4 years before we married in 73 and then didn't have Sarah till 78. Who would have thought that we would not stay together---certainly not me, and I don't think he thought so either. For whatever reasons, and I am sure there were many on all sides---we divorced in 88. His life was cut way too short in 99 and at 48 years of age, he died on May 18th. Sarah has surely missed her dad, as have the many people who loved him. Tomorrow will be a day of quiet remembering all of who he was and how he touched so many lives. The picture of Harry on the beach he and I lived on as a family, just reminds me of the sunset that comes on each of our lives---and for some of us---way to early, when we aren't quite ready to have it done.
I think this blog is a place I have shed alot of words about goodbyes...and this season of reflecting. Maybe the new days will bring words of life and hope and joy. I think sometimes, the valley of grief has lasted long enough. Bless the ones who will be touched deeply again tomorrow for Joe. I know, I will be one of them. Posted by Picasa


country-gospel-singer said...

We never know how things will turn out. I have also been divorced and like you, it was hard to believe! I have had many turns in my life; but "Through It All" (a song) He has been there for me. I think peace of mind does seem to come with age?? LOL I sure don't feel my age until I try to do something I use to do with ease!! LOL Many blessings for you, my sister in Christ, Janie Marie

christine said...

Good comments--hadn't checked this in awhile---you are right--through it all--and He is clearly the one we lean on!