Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's day 06

Happy Mother's day---here I am in the red with my mom and my daughter...this is from 6 years ago at my graduation party from bible school...a wonderful memory.
I am so thankful for good memories.
Today I am grateful again for a wonderful daughter-who is my best friend!
I am also grateful on a day that celebrates women--for the many wonderful women in my life. My friends, my aunt, coworkers, just am blessed with wonderful friendships with women! I love to teach women too about how much Jesus loves them. It is so evident in the stories about women!
So, today-if you have a mom---go and give her a hug. If she is already gone--sip a cup of coffee and spend some time with your thoughts and memories...and then also go and find someone who needs a hug (You are the one who needs it too, but maybe this will bless someone else too! I know hugs always bring me a joy!) Bless all of you women out there today. Take time to connect and give your wisdom out. Take time to enjoy the spring and flowers. Read a book that will bring you new ideas and help you be glad you are alive again. I love the idea of the gratitude journal from Simple Abundance---only don't repeat the 5 things each day you are grateful for---find 5 new things each day---after about 100 days, it is hard to keep finding them, but it will change your life! Bless you all. Posted by Picasa

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country-gospel-singer said...

So glad that you had a wonderful Mother's Day and have many more. I have 3 wonderful children. Many Blessings, Janie Marie