Sunday, June 04, 2006

June is fully here-flowers everywhere!

What a glorious weekend away, love going to Columbus and connecting with my friends and my old church. Just am thankful for the richness of relationships in my life. I am fuller from the ones around me. I have had so much sown into my life from others. Sitting under Rich's teaching again was great.

After church a bunch of us went to Connie's house and had a great bonfire last night--first it rained, then the clouds went away and the greatest moon and stars shown overhead as we hung close around the blazing fire, playing the question game and singing old folk songs to Bill's great guitar playing. It is scary how few words we remembered, but the refrains were full of all our voices. Just made me laugh...

I am just weeks away from turning 54. I just got used to 53...the days surely fly by. I want to enjoy these last days of 53, before I have to learn 54. I sure don't feel 54...nor 53. I am young at heart, feeling good.

I am loving the new season with the warm days and sunny skies. I love the sun shining hot on my face. Wish I didn't have to work so much. I think I need to figure out how to work less, but keep my income. That is the question most of us would like to find the answer to. I think one of the questions last night was, "what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?" I think I would do alot of things if I could get my energy going---so guess it is time to figure out what that would be. I went to 2 really cool greenhouses this weekend---that would be fun! I also love to do compelled--and Shari and I keep talking about what we could do with it! Ugh...just need to press in and figure it out. My trouble is I like time off and a new venture would require a huge time commitment. Then there is pastoring...hum. I just want to have my life count for your kingdom Lord. Even if it is simple. Just to reflect the wonder and glory of your Son, Jesus. So, even if I do dream alot of some stuff I love to do---whatever it is you have me to do, let me do it with all my heart, unto you!