Tuesday, September 26, 2006

September flying by

Just feel like a red color today. I am amazed at the days flying by...where did the summer go? It is very chilly out tonight. The clouds are looking more and more like winter will come early. I thought it would snow the other day.
I have refused to turn the heat on yet-just doesn't seem right to turn it on before October, doesn't it? I have a load of oak coming this Saturday so will start burning a fire inside this week, I am sure.
Got to go to NYC on Sept 10-13. Was at Ground Zero on the 10th and 11th. I don't know still if I have found words to describe my feelings being there. Will post a picture once I get them developed. The mood was so odd, so many people, so much to absorb. Still not enough right or good words to tell my heart on this.
Loved the city--can't believe I have never been there before now-have been so many places. Hope to go back. Would love to explore so many places there.
Well, not alot of words tonight. Just started to think, it has been too long since I wrote...so here are a few words. night!

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