Sunday, January 15, 2006

Well into winter

It is mid January already. Time just seems to go too fast for me most days. I want to savor the day and it is already over. Was sitting in the hottub tonight watching the full moon, clouds moving across the sky-it was just awesome out! I could n't believe it is such a nice night for a January night. Tomorrow begins another week and it will be the 3 week of the new year already.
I did get all my goals and all completed for the new year so have a map to navigate. I am thankful for the compass of true north. I want to live intentionally this year. Tomorrow starts day one of a heart healthy lifestyle-going to give South Beach a good try. Feel ready to do this, so praying for God's help to do it. Just want to have more energy along with a clearer mind. I need to feel the discipline to carry me day by day.
So much going on in my work world-want to keep the hours that it draws on my reserve for when I am there, not the hours that are outside of work. I also have signed up for a watercolor class that will start soon, that is something I will enjoy. Bible study is going well with alot of growth there. Wish I had more hours to study the Word. I guess that it just needs to be a priority-and will try to make it more of the hours I have free. not much to say tonight. Just to connect.