Thursday, February 15, 2007

Freezing February

It is absolutely freezing here in Cleveland! We have had so much snow and it is so cold! I am ready to do the spring countdown now--as March 21 is not too far away. I am ready to be outside again without a ton of clothes on. Harry-my dog has to jump to get around as there is so much snow outside.
Had to shovel alot of snow yesterday and feel pretty sore. I think everyone is getting alittle tired of winter. Heard that the lake is 90% frozen over now. I am glad as it cuts down on the snow affect at least.
Have the urge to hibernate the rest of the winter and need to dig myself out of my own mental "snow drift". I am feeling pretty lazy most of the time at home--and need to get excited about something, anything! Well, needed to write something--has been too long. hope all out there are doing well.

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country-gospel-singer said...

timeJust hello.. long time. I deleted my blog and now on aol for a while. LOL Yes it has been such a long winter, and like you I am ready for spring, sunshine, and warm air. Wishing you many blessings. To view my new blog just click my user name. Hope this will let me post; sometimes it will and sometimes it won't. Janie Marie