Wednesday, January 30, 2008

thanks for the memories

Golly Sarah, we had so much fun together. I just loved our trip to Michigan this year. We laughed and laughed so much on the way over. I remember you taking videos of us singing Hey Jude...and when Aunt Barb and I were in the front seat of my convertible--we looked in the back seat and there you were laying down taking pictures of the clouds---just having the best time.

Just a night that is cold outside, it is late, I am missing you--it is too quiet some nights. I feel so alone on these nights--just me and Harry. I know so many people are all around me, I know they are there and am so happy for them in my life. I don't discount them--not one of them. I don't know what I would do without the support that God has laid around me--and even me for them. Just didn't know how quiet the world would be without your strong and clear voice. You had so many words to say about everything. I loved listening to you. I loved hearing you process the things that pissed you off. I loved laughing so you remember us laying in the tent this was so funny that we couldn't have a fire cuz it was raining--so you used the lighter to make smores---hahahahah!! Then we laid in the dark with my camera phone and took pictures of us and laughed and laughed...such fun. Who would know it was our last. We talked abou taking your kids camping--and how we would do that and still shop and eat. Brent said that heaven will bring fulfillment of what we don't finish here--so girl...check out some cool places---cuz I want to go camping in heaven. What a thought. I want to savor and enjoy the best of the best places.
I miss you so some minutes...just ached like it won't go away. I just miss you. I just miss you. heading to bed...some people dream about you---I haven't yet....wonder if I will.

love you

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