Wednesday, February 06, 2008

here he is---my love

Wow, how can one be so sad and so happy at the same time. Here is my fiance'. what a time this has been. I have been totally amazed at the goodness of God in the moments of my life since Sarah went to heaven on 9/27.
I am just still reeling from trying to live this life without her and in the same moments, learning to love again with an open heart.
It is the goodness and kindness of God to bring this wonderful man into my life. He is so dear to me and so kind to walk alongside this woman in her sorrow and new way of life.
God, please bless us as we begin a new journey together to discover the life ahead. All things are new to me--my life has taken a direction that I never knew I would take. I walk a new land-a place I don't know the names of the streets, don't know the language, don't know the signs. I am learning to love without fear, learning to live with hope, learning to live with heaven in full mind. I want to fully embrace all that is in each day. I know Sarah would be very happy for me and would be saying---"GO FOR IT MOM!!!!!" This is what she wanted for me--to experience true and lasting love in my lifetime. I believe this is the man who I will experience this love with. He deeply loves the Lord and that is core. I love the Lord too and will trust Him to bring all this together and in His time.
Miss you my girl. Miss talking to you--wish I could hear you hoot and hollar about this! I know you would be! You would say-"live full mom, live well, love deeply and freely--don't miss this." I hear you Sarah. I do hear you.

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