Thursday, February 21, 2008

Life opens before me....

tender life, short life...minutes continue on. there is no stopping time. one moves on, forward, embracing what each day holds. breathing in and out. stepping forward firmly into new.
i find myself amazed at the highs and lows of my life these days. i am amazed at the distance between the two one minute and then the next, i am at the other. grief is that way. grief is not at all something to know when it will appear. you can be fine one minute and then the next, you find your eyes filled to overflowing, dripping tears down your cheeks, spilling onto the paper you are above to place your thoughts in a place to store. then the next minute, you find tears of joy---with deep happiness fills your eyes...and drips again, down your cheeks again to the same page, not even finished yet with tears of sorrow. sometimes i feel it is too hard to even know the difference-which tears are in my eyes.
yet, they mix sweetly in this season---somehow--the bitter and sweet-balancing one another.

the fragrance of the opening rose, fills my mind and soul. i feel the hope of promise in the day today. i feel the hope of the rolled stone that tell me the tomb is truly empty and He is making all things new. i know the promise of what is ahead. random thoughts tonight-not clear nor concise, yet good.
i am in love, i am living in hope. i am sad too, i am so sorry to not have you here my dear sarah--to tell these joys to. you are present in my thoughts all the time, you are close. you must somehow know. God--so kind to me, so dear and kind to me. bringing me such a gift. so blessed, so treasured, so rich i am. my account is full. grateful.

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