Thursday, March 06, 2008

my dear girl

"I will miss seeing her face and hearing her voice and knowing she was always there close to me. She has crossed a river from me that I must wait to cross before I see her again. When I see a river, I will think of her." Terry Kay
Sarah loved elephants as a little girl and I would always buy her elephants-and here is a mother with her dead child at her feet. Oh Father, my daughter is gone now. I am at a loss of how to live without her presence. I know she has gone across the river to you and I will see her again when I too cross the river. Help build my faith today to trust in that truth-of heaven and eternal life. I look at pictures of mothers who have lost their children and the face is the same-of anguish and pain. I want to embrace that pain to learn to live with it and find life again in fullness. I want to trust that she is fully present in your presence now. I want to live that belief out in such a way that others too want to know you. I want to always point to YOU. The wonder of the kingdom of you. The sureness of eternal life in Jesus. I lean today into You Father--and trust you and believe in you. Thank you for the 28 years of Sarah's presence in my life. I am rich with memories of her and I. I am grateful beyond words. I had truly the best of the best with her. I hate that I get no more earthly memories with her. I know you will help me to heal and live in this new land. I thank you for your abiding presence as I deeply grieve this loss of dear Sarah C.

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