Wednesday, August 20, 2008


There is a place that is just empty. Like something has been cut out, taken away...
right out of my life, my heart.
The one year anniversary of Sarah's death is coming in just over one month and it feels like years at times...and like it was just yesterday at other times.
So much has happened in this year---I can't even catch my breath. I feel fuzzy most of the time...need alot of rest, need alot of time to be still, to be quiet. Need to make sure to let this emptiness start to be filled back up again. I wonder if that will ever happen. I wonder if it will be something I will ever know.
Sometimes it is very hard to be so far away from Italy and not being able to go to the place she died and just be there. It was good to be there, but I want to go more often than I can because I live here.
oh well..enough. dear girl...just missing you today. Nothing new about that...just trying to learn to live this life without your daily presence. It is hard.

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