Thursday, November 06, 2008


held glad I did.

always we held close.

always we lingered together to talk and to hold on. we lost so many things in our years--and we learned totreasure one another...had the hard talks, deep talks, treasured shared words.

I now hold your memories like this picture is held. held close to my heart.

i do love my life now-love my new journey. God has been so kind to me--to bring such fullness in this place of loss of you. I wish we could laugh and talk about the joy of this season I find myself in. You would be glad--I know it!

Reading Lament for a Son again. Read it about 10 years ago--this man lost his 25 year old son and I remember reading his deep sorrow and now as I read it again...find myself seeing words and phrases that touch me in the deep place where other words are lifeless.

the loss of your child is so hard to describe in any words that make sense. let alone your only child...and best of friend. yet--in this place---i find joy. joy of having known you, my dear Sarah. don't want to live afraid, to guard my heart, to not love as deeply if not even more deeply---because now, i do know what it costs to love and lose someone you love and loves you too. i would rather love and lose than never love at all---or to love small---or carefully or guarded....

God--help me to keep on this path that often is so misty and treacherous...and costly and lonely and hard and agony. today as i look at the bluest of skies with the yellowist leaves framed against it over the soft and waveless lake---i am full of a beauty in my that knows what it is like to see it dark and full of angry clouds and stormy winds that chill you to the inside of your bones. let me drink in this day--this gorgeous day---keep the storm clouds at bay today. i am going away for 2 days with my dear husband--to savor time set apart for pray and seek you Father for your direction for our life in you.

grief is fickle--and greedy--and wants to eat and erode the moments of joy--to steal the colors out of the day. it stays close--waiting to be found in a song or a tune that catches you off guard--to sneak in and tumble your heart...tackle you from behind...trip your footing, crash you to the floor. I will keep my eyes on you Father---locked on your eyes...fixing my eyes on you...

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Marty said...

Interesting. I haven't been able to read your blog for about a week... had so much to do last week. So, here I open it today and there is the word "held". That is the word the Lord gave me last night for your weaving. I wanted to write about how much I love my sister or about courage... more words than one... but God gave me "held". Hmmmm... then I came and saw the title to your blog. I sense He wants me to tell you, how you explain held between Mother and daughter... he wants you to know... He holds you, His daughter.

I love you my dear sister!