Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday morn

cold night-lots of wind and waves here on the lake-so noisy it woke me up!
I have been walking in a deeper valley this week. I know this valley of sorrow and know some of the trails that I take and each time they bring that fresh smell of loss. I also know how to walk back to life again and I am on the uphill climb to the light and air.
That deep place of the loss is so hard, so sad. I am glad I don't live there anylonger. Just so helpless, so unchanged. The story is the same. The ending is the same, it is a finished painting of what happened.
I took this picture up in the Rockies this last trip and loved the aspens. By now I am sure all the leaves will have fallen. There will be a barrenness to all the branches-but the hope is in the spring that will come after the long and cold winter.
My hope is in that final spring-the final place I will be for all times. For now, the need to keep with the changes of the heart, my dear heart that moves sometimes slowly through the season of grief. I don't know if it will ever feel like a right fit. I know many now around me who journey their own land of loss. I am glad we see one another across the borders of that sorrow to wave and shout encouraging words and smiles. That tenderness of a shared burden makes one's own burden lighter. If you listen hard and close your eyes--you will hear the breeze blowing through these aspen leaves and they are clapping--and making sweet noise, rejoicing at the last of their brilliant glory!


karen gerstenberger said...

Amen. Love to you as you journey to be with those women, to hear and see what God has to say to all of you.

Karen said...

That was beautiful, Christine. Really beautiful. Mournful and hopeful simultaneously. Love to you today, my poet friend.

Melanie said...

Chris you are such a gifted writer! What you have written makes me think of the popular song back in the 70's song you wrote out for me on paper when we Army private left school to go our separate ways..."Those were the days my friend,we thought they'd never end, we'd sing and dance for ever and a day". God is using you in a mighty way to reach others. I admire your commitment. I do hope if you ever are near SW Virginia you will come see me!(((HUGS)))

Karen said...

I read this again today. It is like my own journey...going down through the valley of grief, climbing up out of it. The energy each one requires. Thanks for lifting my burden through your beautiful words and much love to you today.

karen gerstenberger said...

On this day of Thanksgiving, sending special love to you, and gratitude for our friendship. xoxoxoxo