Saturday, March 26, 2011

Heartache, moving on...

i am packing to go on the first cruise in 2 days since leaving the ship at Ephesus, Turkey when we found out you died.
I am quiet in my heart. I know it will bring many memories back...want to move through them...and tuck them away into my treasure box to leave there. Tears come to my eyes....softly slip out. I feel like I am carrying a full cup of coffee and trying to walk without spilling it.
Most days my mind isn't wrecked...and then when I dwell on some memories, I can quickly slip away into them, swept off my feet....that same wave seems to come still to us who live and breathe today.
I have been gone from home in Florida for 5 weeks, so am already feeling a bit at sea...far from home, comfort...glad Rick is here....miss my home, my family, my life.
So, God, please help smooth this journey ahead....and let all live while we are gone. Let us enjoy our time, a vacation...and come home refreshed. not many words, just a full cup of coffee.