Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Am blessed.

Art show went well.  Many came, many were able to grieve again and lean against one another--lean close.  tell stories, smile at memories...

Getting ready to take off for few days to search my thoughts and center.

We will go to a retreat center in Southern Ohio and meet with a Spiritual Director.  Feel like a whole new season is opening to us--maybe the first time it will truly become our journey together.  So much happened over the last years and now, it is time to begin life again...not live in the fragments of what happened after the sudden death.  Stopped working, picked up church work, got to know many new people/family in each other's life--created memories and got to know one another deeply and well. 

I feel a sense of a new thing coming.  I believe I have my new word for the coming year too--it is Essense.

It builds right on top of the word for this year--rhythm....

there is a stirring in me, a new season coming....and yet it feels like this season I am in will be rich with more to come.  I look forward to these next days apart--a time to listen, move slower...savor, discover.