Friday, September 20, 2013

Almost 6 years.
God, how does one walk this whole journey out?

Some days, it just seems like I see you, some girl with long hair turns her head just like you did and flips up her hair and for a second I see you.

Then a laugh in the distance has a sound like yours and I turn my head...and it hits me all over again...

Some days it is just too much to keep on living.  But I do.

It can wreck your mind to imagine it all over again, so don't go there too long, yet I do.

just missing you.

Missing being in Manarola, wanting to sit the waves...

Words don't come as often now, yet they swirl all the time in my heart...waiting to come out.  So here are some, to lay on this page, for me to see in print.

Most days are not too bad, yet some days just are...

Today is one, near the time of this 6th anniversary.  Full moons, smells of decay in the air.  Crickets chirping...memories calling.

You were the absolute best.  My dearest friend.  My sweet Sarah C.


Karen Gerstenberger said...

Sending much tender love to you, dear Chris, always - and at this time of year, especially.

christine said...

This is the comment left by my dear friend Karen E. Somehow when I said to publish the comment, the comment went away. Her words were too dear not to post. I love you Karen!
"Oh, the sorrow. I feel it in my overflowing eyes and the lump in my throat. What an indescribable loss--that beautiful daughter, only child, best friend, your heart's heart. I am thinking of you on these most tender days and praying a new fresh wave of comfort and hope over you.
Much love, sweet friend on the shared journey."