Thursday, September 26, 2013

Night before 6 years

So, here I am sitting here, listening to Jonathan Livingston my studio...alone right now...candles lit, glass of merlot.
Gosh, I just miss you so. Life has been so odd with you gone. How did 6 years go by?
So much I want to tell you about. How I wish you could have met Rick and seen our happy you would be.
So much missed...
You are missed.
I remember so much sweet Sarah C.
moms remember so much. Part if our job. At least it always was my always wanted a story. Always saying...tell me about.......
Wish I could tell you another sorry.
Listening to Be....I remember the time we watched this movie...and both of us said whoever dies first would play it at their you got it. And how similar the movie is to even how you died. Who would have ever known...oh my, sweet girl. Sweet, sweet girl...

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