Tuesday, October 26, 2004

long days and nights

It has surely been a season for my family. my mom has stage 4 lung cancer with mets to the brain and is in chemo now. we are hoping for some good time for her in the days to come as she finishes chemo this week. my sister and sister-in-law exchanged a kidney this last week and the new home is doing well. to see someone who has been very toxic from the waste products still floating around makes you thankful for a body that is getting rid of them. i think this season has taught me more about the fraility of our body. i am aware of the spirit in my mom especially. she glows in her eyes---an eternal glow. somehow the decaying body seems heavier and more like she has to drag it with her. i can see that eternal life and the new body will be more glorious than i ever really thought about before. my mom has such joy about heaven. i am looking more and more forward to that time---seeing those who have gone on before also. seems like people don't think alot about heaven or after this life much till they don't really have a choice. working in hospice has powerfully affected my life. true north is about that---living a real day---like it is a gift-not missing it. nor wasting it. doesn't mean you are too busy or distracted or just getting through it---but making the minute count. i am thankful for this day. a day with my mom and my aunt and my brother---just sitting and talking and watching the chemo go in my mom's arm---hoping it is killing off the cancer so she can have some more good time---and just enjoying the days we have left.

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