Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Last day.....

Today is the last day to visit my mom's house...we finished the move, finished taking all the things out of it, cleaning of it, moving items to their new home---such a strange thing. An end...a new beginning. Birth and death...old and new...always changing, never the same. I feel strangely like life slipping by...no stopping even to remember--without the pressure of things pressing right at your finger tips. I wonder what heaven will be like---will it feel like that--no rest for the wicked---what a saying...it is hard to rest, to grieve, to keep living all at the same time...ah, it is a day done now-and will now go to sleep and a new day will come. Thanks be to God for a wonderful mom-a wonderful home with lots of memories, a great family to love---I am a thankful woman.

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