Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy 29th Birthday my dear girl

My dear girl-Happy birthday to you. I hold you in my heart today-as do so many of us. I can't imagine what you are doing today--celebrating and dancing? I can't wait to see you and hug you. It is hard to be on this side of the veil and wonder. To trust and believe that there is the most incredible kingdom of God--full of life and love and no more death, sorrow, tears....
You are the joy of my life. You have brought me the best times. I just have loved you Sarah C so much. I can't imagine the days ahead without your imput. So many people have said that they know what you would say about all the things they think about---they are always spoke with clarity and truth. I loved that about you. Underneath the words you would speak was in incredible love for all of us---to compell us to live our lives better--richer, fuller--not holding back. Going for it.
Today I will celebrate your life--and hold you dearly to me. I will toast to you. I feel you leaning on my back sometimes--out of my sight, but like you are so close. I will hug your dear husband today who misses you so....and encourage him to press on too---we do have the best hope to see you again. We need to live that hope out before others--so they too will believe. We want others to know about heaven and Jesus--and how He is the real deal too.
God help us all today who grieve for our dear bella Sarah to not grieve as though we don't have hope---but to grieve with hope--to see her again. To know that this side of heaven is nothing compared to there. I have to believe Sarah is having the best birthday ever and she is hugging on us today somehow.
She was born at 3:27 p.m today---Sarah Christen Ruksenos My angel. What a joy she has been---
I am grateful to have been her mom--the best job I ever have had.
With love to you my dear one---your mom

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