Thursday, March 13, 2008

dear, dear memories

What a blessed time I had with Christopher--with our tears mixing in the midst of sorting through all the things you had Sarah. You never could buy enough stuff--you had to have 15 brown eye shadows--one would not ever do. You needed to have back ups to everything, with backups to the backups...what a girl. The two of us now have to sort through all your collection of things. But in the midst, we laugh because it was so you. You loved shopping, having enough. I think we always had enough, so can't think that we were without, so now you needed just loved to shop!
It is a time...we have much to do, but today we bit off a small piece of this to allow life to come again in areas covered with dust. May God continue to help us to do this work, this necessary part to go on. It is like pruning--you need to cut off the dead branches to allow life to come forth, flowers to come again, fruit to come again on the vine. It is so hard--the brutal cuttings that happen when the vinedresser goes at the grapevine to get it ready to have a new season---it seems like so much gets taken off---and then in the days to come, life comes to the vine, fruit fills the branches. So, Chris and I are going to press into this work of doing this pruning. Help us to know what stays and order to live this life you have for us well. We are blessed...many good memories, many good friends and family. Loved...and we will love well too.

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