Wednesday, May 21, 2008

salty sweet days and nights

just ache tonight-even as i pick a picture out for my blog, it aches. sometimes i look for the picture before i find the words. just miss you sarah. how do i say how hard it is not to be able to pick up the cell phone and call you--anytime...anywhere...we could do that and did. i wonder if i ever will delete your name, even when it is hard to scroll past it...
even in the outlook directory--your name is there. i am sure many of us wonder this too. it makes it more permanent if it gets deleted...maybe we will just thank God for you when we see it--and make it sweet instead of salty.
only 31 days right this moment till i marry. and i am trying to do this without your present help. i hate that part. i know you--oh would have so many things happening if you were here. i am keeping it very simple...and many are helping--thank God---you would be happy about that. i am sure it will be so sweet and perfect. i truly am excited about the wedding...just sad you will not be there...smiling that wild ass smile that showed those beautiful white teeth!! such a smile i never see...except in my mind and memories now.
so many people miss you--they write and call and tell me. i am so blessed by their words. they help me know how real you were...your voice is quieter and harder to recall...i hate that. i often go to your myspace page just to listen to your laugh. i have 6 messages on my cell phone from you---2 birthday messages 2 years in a would laugh and ask my why i would save this stuff...well...see!!! i am so glad i glad i did.
i miss you my girl. i miss you so. tonight the why is on my lips again. just heard on the news that stephen curtis chapman's 5 year old daughter was killed by her brother when he backed up out of the driveway and ran over her starts, the tragedy..the awfulness of this. i pray so for all of them tonight---from far off. just like so many prayed the moment they heard about you dying...for all of us. awful, so hard.
God, please hold me tonight....i just have a sore, sore mother's aching heart...needing to hold her girl. i just miss you sarah c.

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