Saturday, June 28, 2008

56 and a whole new season of God's favor and goodness

Joyful, that is what we were right then-2 joined to one for this life.
new day, a year older...a new season. A wife-a mom to 4 new children and a grandma to 10 grandchildren...and a daughter who lives in heaven now and a wonderful son in law...wonderful new parents and a new brother and sister in law I haven't met yet.
I sometimes feel like I don't live in Kansas anylonger...and I truly don't. So many things the same and so many things never to be again.
I find myself with open arms to embrace this new land, this new season...smiling, yet tears streaming down my face. A determination not to miss one thing the Father gives to me, to us.
I am grateful for 56 years of life and all the richness of the days-the wonderful things given to me by my heavenly Father. Such a kind giver of gifts.
I do miss you today Sarah. You always made my day so wonderful. I have the last 2 years of you singing to me still on my phone and later today, I will listen to you sing to me...miss you singing today---maybe you are singing from heaven~wonder how that works....know you are in my heart today--for all times.


Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous, joyful Mrs. you are, my friend. hope your birthday is the best ever. a new start in so many, many ways.

Marty said...

I know she sang to you... she is continuing to sing with the Father over you... look at the goodness, blessings and love that is being showered down! Yes... they are singing over you!