Friday, June 20, 2008

I know you will be there.....

My dear bella Sarah....I can see you standing near I I commmit my life to this man. I know you have been part of this whole journey for me. I am undone right now, just under 12 hours till I commit my life to Rick.
You have touched me so over the years Sarah. I have been blessed with your friendship and love. I am so thankful for so many people here tonight....Rick's family, Christopher and friends, my friends, people from the church. I have had enough merlot right now to soften my soften the edges of my sorrow...but to also remember the tears of my missing sweet, sweet Sarah C. My sweet girl...who would be here---full of life, full of joy. I just want you to know how many people have helped--and been there for us--for me...through all of this...just to help bring the greatest joy and celebration to our wedding day. I am so full of joy....can't wait to become Mrs. Provard...just am so excited. I have the best man to be my husband. He is the dearest and kindest man I know....God--be over our day--from beginning to end. Thank you for the help of everyone--from my dear Aunt Barb, my friends, his family, his friends...all of them...we are rich! We are blessed...we are so thankful....yes Lord...Yes Lord...soooooo glad. I am heading to bed. It is almost 11 and only 11 hours to God. This is cool.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Chris, Wow very cool!! what a beautiful day to be married, you were absolutely radiant, I could see the joy of God just dripping off of you and Rick, and I truly believe that God did give your beautiful daughter a glimpse of that special day. Thank you for letting me be there, I was so blessed and touched, sorry I didn't get to meet Rick but hopefully some other time. Much love, Kim