Saturday, August 02, 2008

Home now...or is italy home

Images of the ceremony while we were in Manarola, Cinque Terra. You are welcome to visit myspace page to see the rest of them.
still no words, so much swirling in my heart. it will take a long time to process the absolute beauty of our time there and the wonders of the gentleness and kindness of the people who were there, embracing us, loving us.
I will write more in the days to come, but words and letters do not seem to be coming together right now---just my heart of hearts that so misses Sarah all over again. To finally see the place she lost her life was more than can simply be put on paper at this time. To touch the sea, feel the water, smell the all was surreal.
Many questions were answered and healing did come in odd ways...but the realness of it all has hit home. To hear the opera singer whom the president invited to sing, "Time to say Goodbye" per Christopher's get the painting I am holding in my hand from a famous artist the president commissioned to paint of Sarah's last moment...on and on...the stories are many, the generosity and humbleness of the people who loved and served us....touched our hearts so deeply...and feels like their hands and hearts are still right there with us.
The pictures above are: Chris spreading some of Sarah's ashes at the place she died. 2. Chris and I with the President Franco and his wife and 2 of the American consulate people 3. the 2 plaques done--which are now being framed to preserve them and will be hung above the spot she died at Point Bonfiglio, Manarola. The one on the right was painted by the artist who did the painting's girlfriend. 4. One of the posters which were all over the Cinque Terra of Sarah with the poems in Italian and english--and inviting all the people to the ceremony. 5. the place sarah died. it is the landing right below the walkway. The wave that hit her was at least 10 feet over her head. 6. Chris and I holding the painting while the soloist sang, "Time to say goodbye".
It is alot. Here is the link to part of the ceremony that was on their TV station running over and over during the whole week we were there.
Here is the Cinque Terre website and video news coverage of Sarah’s ceremony. Go to this link, then scroll down to "In ricordo di Sarah Scherer" and click on the video button.
That is all for now. Heart is so full. Miss her.


Unknown said...

I read a lot about your daughter's loss after reading about her while on my my most recent visit to Manarola. I sincerely hope that you have been able to adjust to life without her. As much as it is heartwrenching, none of us last forever and take solace in her final moments being in such a beautiful place in such happiness.

Take care.


Arturking Boss said...

dopo anni dalla tragedia questa storia e la bellezza di Sarah colpisce ancora.
Ma come narra una storia di marinai Sarah e ora e per sempre su quella roccia a vedere i tramonti e le albe del mare.
E tradizione che chi muore in mare sia protettore dei marinai e che il suo spirito sia giovane per sempre.
E morta in un luogo a lei caro e nella sua giovane eta a fermato il tempo col suo sorriso.
Gli porgo i miei piu sentiti saluti di una serena e lieta vita

christine said...

I did translate your words and thank you so much for taking time to write to me. It will be 10 years this September 27th and it bless me to have Sarah remembered. She is sorely missed by me and so many.

Arturking Boss said...

Per noi italiani l'ospitalità è sacra e Sarah era nostra ospite.
Nella sua tragica romantica storia ha lasciato un segno indelebile nei nostri cuori. Ora per noi gente di mare sarà un sirena angelica che vegliera su di noi nelle giornate di tempesta e sarà una stella nelle che spunterà al di là dei tramonti più belli.
Ha lasciato questo mondo terreno ma vivrà giovane per sempre nei nostri pensieri e come una stella illuminerà la rotta dei marinai