Friday, August 29, 2008

life is hard enough...then there are those who make it harder....

In the midst of life--there is enough of the hard stuff and then along comes people who can make it even harder by just causing things to unravel because of their own distortions of seeing things.

I am mad...mad that instead of believing in the goodness--people chose to see things through limited filters and then speak of these as though they are true and then make it look as though something that is---isn't and that it is something else that would be evil or wrong.

God-help me to trust you--not in man or womankind. I am so disappointed today--life is hard enough---the rules that seem to help us walk in a certain way---sometimes become a noose that hangs us all.

It has been a very hard year---more hard than even words can describe and then someone can say something to cause more harm---and cause things that are trying to ravel into order again to unravel.

I am so disappointed sometimes in people. Ugh. Help me not to be bitter, help me not to doubt what I know as true. Help people be more not speak without ugly, causes so much harm...wounds deeply---

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