Sunday, September 27, 2009

2 years

this is the day---surrrounded by love, kindness, many people who are missing you dear girl...lots of toasts and hugs...we just spent time so blessed and loved...and so touched.

thank you God. Thank you to all of you....

we miss you Sarah. 2 years.


Gannet Girl said...

So hard . . . to see that title, Two Years.

My heart is with yours.

Karen and Joe said...

I am so very sorry for your loss. Your precious girl is so beautiful and two years without her is beyond words. My heart is with yours, too and I'm sending up prayers for you.
Big hugs on this very sad day.

Lisa said...

Hi Christine,
I am a stranger to you, but came across the memorial plaques here in the Cinque Terre, searched the story online, found this beautiful blog, and felt moved to leave you a note. I hiked the trails between the towns on Monday, but didn't take the memorial pathway until this afternoon, when I revisited Manarola. I was curious about the meaning behind the plaques, and was able to find the shocking, tragic, beautifully written story at the site. As a solo (37 year old) traveller here, I too, have a blog so that my friends and family back home (Seattle and New England) can keep up with my experiences. I hope it's okay that I shared the link to that story with them on my blog. It just affected me so much, and is a reminder to love the people in your life deeply, every day, as there is no certainty of how long we will have with them.

My Uncle and Aunt lost their only child - a 22 year old son - several years ago. I watched the almost unbearable grief they suffered, but fortunately was also able to feel and watch the immense love they put forward towards each other and their friends, their understanding that is greater than most, of how important all little moments are.

I cannot fathom the depth of your pain. But you have provided a devastatingly beautiful glimpse into you and who you are now, how you feel. The tears began to flow within the first few sentences, and I had to stop after two pages. Thank you for sharing your courage, faith, and pain with us. I feel fuller emotionally from learning about Sarah, and you. She sounds like she was a magnificent human being.

I wish you peace with each new day...
Warmest regards,

caitsmom said...

(((hugs))) Such a lovely photo. Thinking of you and your family.

Anonymous said...

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