Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Being seen

I have posted a new song-"Raindrops keep falling on my head" on my blog today. It was sent to me by my dear Tiffany, Christopher's new and beautiful wife. She blessed me with tender words telling me she sees me and that means so much when you often feel like you are not seen in the midst of relearning to live.

I am blessed to listen to a song that I heard BJ sing in person back in Las Vegas with Sarah's dad, even before she was born---and never really heard the words till I read them today and listened with my full ears.

Life feels like that often, like we don't even really hear the depth of songs, or words or music till it comes at us from a very different angle. Today, this song, her words, all help me to walk a bit stronger and with less of the slump I have found on me in the last months.

Could it be that maybe I will also be "coming into a new season"? I am watching the spring flowers push hard against the earth to come up and bloom. I too am trying to do that--push against the dirt in my life to breathe and live and move in this new season. I want to have joy again. even in the midst of missing dear Sarah.


karen gerstenberger said...

Sending love to you across the miles, from one mother's heart to another.

paxton4evr said...

You didn't tell me you saw B.J. in person in Vegas with Sarah's dad! WILD -- so wild. i love it :) i love you, too. xoxxo

"it won't be long til happiness steps up to greet me"

Karen said...

bless you for pushing thru that dirt to bloom...a difficult task but it is what flowers are meant to do.

Marty said...

Interesting to see what you wrote... at the last Broken Wings, we talked about us/our lives being like those seeds pushing against the hard dirt, working to break through into the next season so we could be what the Father intended us to be. It is the trust and faith that if we keep on pushing through the hard place, there is the sun and the new season... life. So afraid to leave the old season as almost cheating to leave and live... but that is truth.

I see the soreness in your heart and the look in your eyes... but I also see the joy of living with what the Father has blessed you with. He is good.
I love you!

M's Blog said...

Dearest Chrissy, Love you and thinking of you daily...xo's,