Friday, November 11, 2011

miss you sweet C.

as i look at the wild waves today out on the lake, i miss you---
the lake reflects my wild heart today.
tossed, grey, cold.
I remember so many years ago at this time, wondering which day you would decide to be born as we already went past your due date of 11/4.  You waited till the 19th. such a girl...always on your own clock!

just miss you.  miss what life would look like if you were here.  miss talking.  miss making stuff for Christmas...miss planning the meals, what we would need to buy or do on black friday...
i just am sad.  deeply sad at words to say it well.

no vote in this one.  just walking out the results of what happened.  no more whys, just the sadness of what is.
sure do miss you.

i know heaven is coming.  just miss you today.