Thursday, November 07, 2013


Sweet November.
I remember how excited I was for your birth.
Your due date was the 5th, but you in your own strong ways, waited till the 19th. Your dad even kept taking me on river bed Jeep rides trying to induce labor.
It was a late Saturday night on the 18th that I started true labor. I made sure I took shower and shaved my legs in between the pains before waking your dad to go to the hospital.
I was so aware of this sacred event just beginning to unfold. We didn't know if you were a boy or girl....
When I woke after the c-section, I heard your dad saying over and's a's a Sarah....and I opened my eyes and saw you for the very first time.
What a joy beyond words.
I was told  I wouldn't be able to have children.
You were my miracle.
You would have been 35 this year.
So many things that might have been if you lived.
But, you did not.
I just miss you.
But am so very glad you lived...what a joy, unspeakable...sweet girl. I sure love you.


megan said...

thinking of you. xo

Robin said...

Such precious memories.

Karen said...

I loved hearing how Sarah came into the world. It wasn't enough time with that beautiful girl, but better a bit than nothing. Thinking of you and the hole in your heart. Comfort and love.

Karen Gerstenberger said...

Sweet story of her arrival - truly a miracle. Sending love to you...