Thursday, June 19, 2014

New land is in site

We meet with the people for Hospice House transition this morning at 9.  We are now waiting for a bed...means someone has to die that is in one of there beds, so you, Laurie, can be transported to that bed for your remaining days here.

Funny, if it can be funny...that there would be a vacancy sign lit telling these special end of life travelers...We have a bed for you.

Saw a large group at icu Wii just lost their young daughter,/friend to a drug overdose walk out her last moments these last days..seeing them help her give 6 parts of her body as an organ donor to others before leaving earth.

This journey if my own loss of Sarah has changed me so much as I walk slowly senses are heightened...listening, watching with my soul's eyes....

My sister Marty said she keeps hearing in her heart, Sarah telling her..."I''ll take it from here".  So Sarah, are you near too...ah...someday, I will know too.

So today we will begin the turn...the turn to home for you Laurie...Bless these tender moments.


Robin said...

Chris, I am so sorry. May you find many blessings in this sacred time. May you know Sarah ever closer.

Karen Gerstenberger said...

I imagine that Sarah is indeed near, and will lovingly take your sister-in-law's hand when the time comes. Until then, may God's love hold each member of your family tenderly, warmly, fully. Warm, loving hugs to you from here.

Karen said...

Your words about Laurie and Sarah, and the rest of your family are so moving. I am sorry that you all are doing this again, but love hearing your heart so open to God's work and heaven, and Sarah calling from there. Joe's brother starts us all on that journey now, as he was just diagnosed with brain and lung cancer the last few days. I have learned so much from you. Heart and ears open to the comfort of the Spirit...this world is not our home. Love you, sister.