Friday, August 28, 2015

So, when you don't write for a put the words into pictures for the journey.  I think of my blog and write in my head....but here are some of the events with some older pictures for my to help remember this full year.

This last month has brought some of the deep sorrow back.  I saw a friend-Linda, from Colorado a few weeks ago and shared the pictures of Sarah's death and the mortuary and the fullness of it all.  She only knew Sarah as a small girl...but wanted to share this with her and she wanted to see it.  Not many ask to see any of these days anymore--maybe  they want to see, but don't think it is good to ask or make me go through it all again.  It is ok...I am still day by day remembering and walking and sometimes it is nice to have a hand to hold as I journey through the memories.

We are near the dear and tender month of Sept again too---it is all is all sacred to me.  Her final exit from this short and wonderful life.  I surely miss her, never diminishes...the love I have for my sweet Sarah is now co-shared with my by my dear husband who has grown to love her more through the stories many have shared with our tears mix together in grief now...what a blessing to me. Since writing last year, my sweet sister Susan also has gone to heaven...and I can see the 2 of them together, both whole....laughing and so glad to be home.  I surely miss Susy too--as do so many....she is having the time of her life...I am sure....but our lives surely have a hole.

My brother Tim also lost his wife of 42 years on July 4.  was a tender year for sure....

So, this is all for today....just a good life....a hard life.
it is what it my dear brother Tim always says.


Robin said...

So much love in your life. My heart to yours.

Karen Gerstenberger said...

Dear Chris, what a year you have had! I miss your writing and our fellowship, and never tire of hearing about Sarah. I hope you will share as much as you feel you want to here or via private email or phone, as I always enjoy hearing your thoughts. With love to you, especially at this tender time.

Marty said...

You are right... you captured a lot of unsaid words in all those pictures... touched my heart deeply. I am so blessed we journey together my sweet sister!! Love you!