Friday, April 08, 2016

I wake today with sorrow in my heart.  I will be meeting in a few hours with my oldest friend from my childhood whom I haven't seen in 45 years...she lived around the corner from me and we lost touch shortly after high school.  We were best friends in grade school and after that, stayed friends but not that close then.

I moved away and lost touch with many friends after my divorce and then returned back home 16 years later....and didn't reconnect with many.  Just life changed...but back here where I grew up.  I have reconnected in the last few years with some friend, but never could find Annie....tried over and over.

At my class reunion last year, I finally found a friend who knew where she was...but she told me this dear friend had lost a son in a shooting in California with drugs involved when he was fleeing the police--shot in a high speed chase 3 years ago...and she was not doing well.

We connected via email...the posts were short....things like...I know you lost a son from me.

I know you lost your daughter from her.....big gaps and meaning in those short sentences.

we haven't spoken yet...but we will meet today, both driving 45 minutes from home.

my heart is sore.  She is just celebrating the 3rd anniversary last week.  I am not many years past that, but seems this morning as tender as then.

What a life.  What a journey...

i posted a painted I have done--it is copied from a much more famous one requested by my daugher in law--from Chris...his new wife...and it is release of somehow touches my heart today as I go....

may we both release more grief, while we lean, hold hands...touch lives.

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