Tuesday, May 16, 2017

New paths

We are 2 weeks now since dad's passing. He made it 2 weeks after his last dialysis. We were blessed to journey these last 6 months near him.

The funeral had his fingerprints all over it. His singing. He ended with a song called Celebrate Me Home. along with the simple words he wrote to all of us. He "Hopes to see us again someday... Depending on what you believe".
He lived well. He loved well. He was one of a kind. We will never forget.

So now to find our path again. The waterplant destroyed the path I've known most of my life. It all seems to be relevant to now. Searching... Both Rick and I... For next steps. Slowly we listen. Linger. Quiet. Receiving.


Thursday, May 04, 2017

Our sweet dad

Rick's dad's last dialysis today. He has decided to stop. We have been here over the last 5 months many days.

Now...a new journey to heaven begins today. What a great 2nd dad he has been for me. I love him so.

He told me he will look for Sarah and tell her I love her. She will be watching for him too. I sense it. She loves him too.

These releasing times are so sacred. I am very thankful to walk with Rick. What a blessing. So many words, yet no words.