Wednesday, September 26, 2018

remembering the beginnings of honoring the day

today is the day before you died in 2007.  it is early.  I wake up and ache.  I try to go back to sleep.  no chance of that.
I come to this blog to write.  I don't know what I will write, I just hope it will get some of the ache out of my fingers where it feels so very full.

I go to my pictures and find these--the very first time we crossed the day you died...and we took some of your ashes and put them into Lake Erie, on your beach, "Sarah's beach".

Many came that year-to be together, to honor a life, to be near each other...still lost in this whole thing...

Sue had tshirts make for us--we bought them from her to get money raised for your scholarship fund--for art therapy students-Chris's idea...which is still going on.

I forgot that all these people came that day--and stayed and ate and drank and told Sarah stories...this cottage was full...full of ones who loved you so.  tears...toasts...this is the day it began...remembering you.

now it is year 11.

quieter now.  no party.  trying to figure out what to do tomorrow to honor you.  

I get lost.  so do others still.  the hallway is quiet on this side of heaven.  we who are still here just hang hard onto hope.


I Hope in heaven.  

I hope I see you again.

All will be made new.



But right now in the midst if remembering that you had your last full wonderful day of life with Chris today in Italy---and had no idea it was your oh my...that is a place I walk so softly through.

Memories--tomorrow brings some of the worst for me.  my fingers search the keys on this keyboard for what is trying to be a dance they move but do not type, searching...searching..

so, I will go now and drink some coffee.  I will listen to the rain.  I will hope in heaven.  I will trust.
I will live today. 

I will be gentle today with me, with others who don't know my sore momma's heart.  I will lean against Rick, the gift God gave to me to walk out this journey for now...and be thankful.  

I miss you sweet girl.  I miss you.

                                           sweet uncle Tim...playing for you

                                                      Yagabanuch toasts began this day.

                                              Rick and our kids, never knew their sister.

                                 so many of your friends who miss you...…

                                        so many came, I had forgotten all who did.

                              Your boss and dear friend, they honored your memory, an art room dedicated and scholarship created and maintained.

                            my dear friends who come up from Neward….here to honor you

                        a silly picture, but St Francis was dear to us in Le Spezia

                                               my sister and dear ones


                              My dear, dear proud of as well as he can, brave...loved.

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Marty said...

Such a journey... so blessed by those that traveled with us and those that continue and those who will join us. To eternity!