Sunday, September 28, 2008

a full year now--another begins.

couldn't have put together a better tribute and day to remember you---so many who loved you and came to touch the place you so loved and to be part of releasing your ashes to the water's you loved so well and the beach you spent so much time on. just is a tribute to you today and to the grand goodness of God to bring a beauty out of the tragedy.

the article was in the Plain dealer also on Saturday--you can go to to see it. so much to thank God for--so much to much to just sit in and wonder still what the heck just happened...

God--please help us all to continue to walk out this precious, most precious of life---moment by moment...embracing one another, sipping the full glass of the moments you give to each of look up, not hope and not despair...please help us.

miss my girl...miss her so...such a girl.


farfromhome said...

i am a cleveland native (grew up in wickliffe and later moved to mentor) and have been in phoenix for almost 3 years. i try to read every day and am so glad i did on saturday. first of all, god bless you. what a gut wrenching emotional journey you have been on this past year. i am humbled by your honesty and determination in dealing with this. thank you for including very raw emotions and details in your blog. i am in awe of your relationship with sarah. i have a 9yr old daughter and she is full of life and creativity just like your sarah. with very stressful times and big priorities in my life, she is that little light from god. her first real word was angel. i pray to move back to my cleveland every day but god seems to want me here. i get so discouraged he hasn't answered my prayers. i just wanted to personally thank you, you (and sarah) have touched my life.

Melanie said...

My dear old friend,
I have regretted losing touch with you after I found you on i think that was back in 03?
I found an email yesterday with a link to your blog. How it came to me I only have an idea. Approx. a week ago I looked up your name on facebook and found a christine yowell and asked her if she was in the WACS back in 1970. She replied back that she wasn't born until 1973! So I think its wierd that i was looking for you a week ago and I without really trying got a link to your blog in my email!
I read your whole blog. You have been through a heartbreaking year!
I have a 2nd cousin who was taken from us in almost the same way. He was on a H.S. class trip and he was standing in the ocean holding hand with his friends. A wave knocked them all down. His body was found days later. This happand back in the late 1980's.
Congrats on your marriage! God bless you and continue to find your strength in the Lord! Your faith is an encouragement to me!
Love, Melanie

christine said...

Melanie--my email is
would love to hear from you!