Monday, November 17, 2008

significant week in my life

just a year ago tomorrow---11/18 i got ordained. here is the picture of the loving and wonderful community who came from many miles and near to support what they saw God doing in my life. it was a day of seeing for me-what i had felt God doing for many years. i still am awed at this.

i am awed that God does things in seasons when we are feeling the least of having anything to offer. it is almost like He does it that way to give only the glory to Himself. that is cool---because we sure love to take credit for least i have...

this week is also sarah's birthday. what a wonderful gift that God gave to me for 28 years. she would have been 30 this year. now is celebrating--if they do that---her 2nd birthday in her home in heaven...wonder how and if it has any significance....your earth birthday? probably not... but i do celebrate her life, her impact...the memories.

it is also the first day that rick called me...almost a gift from her, from God to me...on her birthday...and what a gift he is to me. i can't even believe myself how dear he is to me....just feel like the e-marmony commercial---my soulmate, my lover, my companion...and it is truly a God gift. from almost the first conversation---we both knew....amazing, isn't it.

sometimes we have significant days in our lives....significant weeks...almost like milemarkers for us. this is one of those weeks for me. it will be Sheryl's birthday (Rick's former wife) tomorrow too---she has been gone for 3 birthdays now. She is fully living in the kingdom too. We both have our significant ones' in heaven---they are probably having the time of their life too! Both she and Sarah...somehow...can see them both laughing and delighted. Heaven blows me more than I could EVER imagine...makes me smile. makes me long for the Homeland...and seeing our dear Jesus....and Father....

in the keep on, pressing on, staying the course...being faithful, loving others, forgiving...becoming more like Him.


Gannet Girl said...

Happy Birthdays and Congratulations on a year in ordained ministry. Such a hard year, but a year.

Marty said...

WOW! Only GOD!
I think we are always trying or tempted to read the end of the book in our own lives, so we can see how it will all weave together and make sense. But one day we will know and just like when Jesus hung on the cross and they all thought that meant he failed his mission... what did it all mean... it all is as God orchestrated it. And we will see Him and us in all the fullness in our true home! Amazing Grace... how sweet the sound!
I love you... Pastor Christine!